Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

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It’s fun to watch Lauren Boebert on social media “Owning the Libs.” Turns out that’s all she has accomplished – angry entertainment. She’s so busy opposing
everything that she has accomplished absolutely nothing.
She voted against the American Rescue Plan. Remember that $1,400 arriving in the midst of the pandemic? Boebert voted against giving working families the money that kept a lot of them from really desperate times.
She voted against supporting our veterans dying from exposure to toxic burn pits, against growing American manufacturing by investing in semiconductors and against protecting us from fuel price gouging.
She voted against the Invest in America Act, which will repair our infrastructure, creating millions of jobs.
She voted against compensating firefighters injured protecting us from fire, against making insulin affordable for diabetics and against lowering prescription drug prices.
Remember the baby formula crisis? She voted against the babies.
She netted zero dollars for local projects, while other Colorado representatives brought in $150 million for their transportation projects. She can’t even fix our potholes.
She brags about bills she wrote (or someone wrote for her), but none even made it out of committee. The hashtag on social media “#BoebertIsZeroFor39” says a lot about her inability to work with others.
Adam Frisch is running against Boebert. He says he’s running so he can pass legislation helping families and businesses in Colorado. Let’s give him a chance. He may not be as much fun to watch, but we’ve been paying a lot for our entertainment.
Vote for Frisch!
– Philip Riffe, Hesperus
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