Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

Yolanda Hadid is proud of her daughters for how they deal with the pressures of fame.
The 58-year-old star admits her model daughters Gigi, 27, and Bella, 26, are “great at what they are doing”, despite the round-the-clock interest in them via social media.
She said: “My modelling career 40 years ago, when I started, is very different than today,” Yolanda shared. “Because even when you’re famous, you know, I would go home at five o’clock and nobody would talk about me or look for me, you know what I mean?
“It’s not the same for them. It’s 24/7 paparazzi outside. [And] the whole social media aspect of it puts a whole different [light] on it.
“They are great at what they are doing.”
Yolanda insisted she has always tried to instil a good work ethic in her girls.
Speaking to ‘Entertainment Tonight’, she added: “I’ve always taught them to be the hardest working person they can, and to be the first to show, the last one [to leave]. Be good to everybody on set. Not just the people that can, you know, make you bigger in the business, but to everybody.
“Be kind, because people don’t remember what you look like but they will remember how you make them feel.”
In 2020, Yolanda admitted her children are her “greatest accomplishment”.
The ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star – who also has son Anwar, 23, with her former husband Mohamed Hadid – heaped praise on her brood as she opened up about motherhood.
Alongside a red heart emoji, she wrote on her Instagram account: “My greatest accomplishment in life …. #Motherhood (sic)”
Yolanda previously revealed she “set her kids free” when they were 12 as she felt it was important for her kids to learn to become “independent human beings” as they entered their teenage years.
She said of motherhood: “I think I’m a disciplined mom versus a strict mom. But also, that job – the disciplining was from birth until about 12, and at 12 I set my kids free and they learned to become independent human beings. And after that, it’s just catching them when they fall. I don’t run their lives, I don’t make decisions for them. I’m just their energetic anchor, and I’m here for them to catch them when they fall.”
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