Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – Hospice Baton Rouge plans to open a new facility to provide support for those dealing with mental health issues and grieving for loved ones.
Sometimes during the most traumatic times of someone’s life, they may need a helping hand. Dawn Brumfield recognized her need for help when her husband fell down and broke his hip. “Someone suggested that we call Hospice of Baton Rouge. So I called, I’d never dealt with hospice before,” says Brumfield.
Brumfield’s husband, Wendel, spends more time in his wheelchair now, but she has learned how to manage tough situations, and she knows where to turn when she needs assistance. “I’ve got somebody that give me support when I need support,” adds Brumfield.
Hospice of Baton Rouge wants to help more people like Brumfield, which is why they are building a new facility called, “The Retreat.” The center will act as a hub for grieving loved ones and provide mental health support during hard times.
“We have been taking care of patients at the end of life and serious illness for almost 40 years now in the community. After COVID, you know, the amount of grief, complicated grief, unresolved grief just grew a whole lot,” explains Catherine Schendel who is the CEO of Hospice Foundation of Greater Baton Rouge.
The center will reportedly offer a variety of treatments such as counseling services, support groups, holistic therapies and other options for all ages.
“Often times that grief, that mental health is viewed with a stigma. It’s viewed as something that you don’t want to talk about, that’s buried. I think it’s important to have facilities like this, where you can really encourage people, bring that out to talk about it,” says Congressman Garret Graves.
Hospice Baton Rouge leaders plan to start building at Quarters Lake in 2023, with the goal to open the doors by 2024.
Hospice of Baton Rouge is looking for counselors and peer support specialties to run the facility, if you are interested, you can visit Hospice Baton Rouge’s website
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